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WELCOME to Air Gun Fun for ALL...

My purpose in this site is to enable the air gun enthusiast,

whether a novice or a air gun veteran, to obtain obtain information

that will make it easier for him/her to have more Air Gun Fun.

The air gun sport has taken on tremendous resurgence in

growth over the last 2 decades particularly in the UK

and Europe. Here in the USA, interest has risen more

recently and may soon surpass that of our overseas participants.

With the  advances in technology of our weapons, interest by  hunters

and other sport gunners has increased also. No longer are we the

plain old Red Ryders of the past, but the Pre-charged Pneumatics

and powerful Sringer magnums. Guns are now being manufacturered

on every continent and are improving in quality and

accuracy. Ranges up to 100 yards are not uncommon for the high

powered PCP high caliber air guns. Lewis and Clark, who

carried 36 cal. air guns would have been awed by the new weapons.

Calibers range from the .177 to .44. Larger game is now being hunted by these weapons.

Duke Cabin ofGrand Island,NY,USA, recently went on a wild boar/hog hunt in the Florida Everglades. I took this 130 lb. sow, I used my Big Bore 44, with a 130 grain bullet. It was a one shot kill at 20 yards. The gun has had no modifications other than adding a scope. I am a big bore junkie, I own a 9 mm Career, Big Bore 44, 28 gauge stainless air shotgun, and a 20 gauge double barrel LD air shotgun.



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