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Nugget...OUR Buddy!!


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Special Pics...

Just some special moments
with Nuggs!


How many times, I awoke to see this picture...


This is my Favorite pic of Nuggs. She loved to "Go BYE BYE" with me in my Little Red Truck. So any time I could possibly take her, Nuggs was my companion in my Red Truck. She took her last ride with me when I brought her home from the vet. You may think it odd, but I placed her head in my lap as she so often rode with me. I knew she would want it that way. She had to be touching you.


Nuggs had Ruby in her proper place...
Talk about bringing up the "rear"


Nuggs in her last few days shared her
love with Ruby, our new Beagle puppy.
She seemed to know her time was close and she willingly shared the limelight with Ruby. Nuggs even had this 8 week old puppy retrieving before she left us. Nuggs left us just 2 days after this picture was taken.