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Ok so you got an expensive air gun, got all the pellets you can shoot in a year, and now do not have any money left over for a good pellet trap. Don't let that stop ya. Here are a couple of inexpensive manners to provide a safe backstop until you get out of hock for your air gun.


Take a pile of old phonebooks, the fatter the better, and place them lying on backs with edge facing front of a cardboard box that will hold them tightly from end to end. Stack them up until you fill the box full and tape it down. WALA! You got a cheap and very effective backstop.
Please use some kind of back up to this such as a piece of plywood or carpet in case some flyers miss the box.

Take a good size cardboard box and fill it fairly loosely with old clothes, rags, or whatever dense material you can find. Make sure the box is packed well from front to back. Tape it up and you got another cheap pellet trap.

Love the Dollar Store airgun site! Some great stuff.

I guess it stretching things to call this a backstop, but I have found that a simple tightly-wadded-up rag, such as an old T-shirt, will easily absorb even relatively high-power pellets at point-blank range, and with relatively little damage to the pellet.

I often use this to check pellet fit, i.e. how well a barrel engraves a given pellet, or as a way to "unload" an airgun that can't be uncocked. Obviously a secondary backstop surface is wise if doing this indoors, but if careful to put the muzzle to the center of the wad, I've never had a problem.
Kyofu - USA

NOTE: Please dispose of old pellets in proper manner. Do not let old fired pellets lie around on floor. Pets love them and so do kids. We do not want our hobby to be the cause of a horrible health problem caused by lead poisoning.

If you have anymore ideas for cheap backstops, send them my way and we will get them posted!

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