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Here we will list for you all the cheap pellet holders that can be conviently made from things you might already have lying around the house or garage.



The picture shows a 1" pipe insulation that will hold over 60 pellets easily depending how large it is.

The red tube is what I've found is the best way to create holes. Just pop it into the foam and you're done. It looks too small but after the first time you put pellets in it stretches a bit, its perfect for .177 size.

Jim Kusche

Try using a 7-day pill box for a small, portable pellet sampler.

Jim Meyers, USA


Got Any Old Camping Mats

When I first started air rifle shooting a few years ago I hit upon an idea that I would like to share. It's probably been thought of before but here goes! I was looking for a pellet holder, something that would not damage the pellets, and you could put it in your pocket.
Get one of those foam camping mats. Cut off a rectangle about the right size. Using a drill bit, I used a tapered bradle, make holes in the foam pad and push your pellets into them. If you make the holes the right size they will sit in nicely, experiment. To get them out bend the pad very gently and push from underneath. You can make the holes slightly bigger than the pellet, the give in the foam holds the pellet in place.The thickness of the foam means that the pellet is fully protected. I've used it for ages, and it works a treat.

Graeme Burgess - from the UK


Plastic Coin Holders

A good pellet holder are those little plastic squeeze coin holders. Be careful as some of them have a 4 to 5 mm hole by the slot.

Mark Ferreira



Not only a pellet holder, but a one-at-a-time dispenser (.22 caliber only
though). "Smint" brand mint candy dispensers will hold 50-60 .22 cal.
Premiers, and pop them out (usually) one at a time. You can even mount one
in an old pager holder (with dispensing chute facing downwards, of course)
and when hooked to your belt, a simple push on the top of the Smint box will
pop one pellet into your hand, extremely handy while you out hunting in the
woods, etc. The pager holder is MauiBuck's idea, something that struck him
right after he heard about me using the Smint boxes.


Charlie, AKA 'Mr. Bulk'

"Little things affect little minds" -- Henry David Thoreau


Tic Tac Containers

Another convenient pellet holder is the Tic Tac container. Its flat, has a snap open top, and if you buy a few different flavors, you could use the coloring of the flavor [container] to determine which pellet size you're grabbing.
Harvey Binder


Obviously I need some more "Tips" for pellet holders. Send them my way!!!

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