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Pics....Sharing Everyone's Air Gun Fun!
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Cat in needlepoint; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Here are more pictures of AIR GUN FUN from all over the world. I will post yours too if you want to submit them.

Below you will find pics from fellow air gun hunters around the world...


mvc-012s.jpg .jpg

I recently went on a wild boar/hog hunt in the Florida Everglades. I took this 130 lb. sow, I used my Big Bore 44, with a 130 grain bullet. It was a one shot kill at 20 yards. The gun has had no modifications other than adding a scope. I am a big bore junkie, I own a 9 mm Career, Big Bore 44, 28 gauge stainless air shotgun, and a 20 gauge double barrel LD air shotgun.
Duke Cabin
Grand Island,NY,USA

Tom Anderson's Customized QB-78


My QB-78 in .177 that I have been fooling with for several years. This pic can be credited to Marty McNaughton.
The gun wears a custom stock that I bought from Ron Robinson ('The Manic Compressive' book author), a Jim Macarri muzzle weight ( to correct percieved muzzle lightness) and is very mildly tuned (by myself) for accuracy. It sports a Swift 4-12x40 in BKL mounts that I bought from Marty. I can't overstate what a value these scopes represent. It is boringly accurate with almost anything I can stick in it. Because of the accuracy, not the power, it is suitable for quarry up to Gray Squirrel and cottontails, but is used mostly to punch little round holes in paper. (Usually one little round hole despite the number of shots if I do my part.) The QB-78 represents the most accuracy per dollar of anything available in my opinion as well as others. They are available from Fun Supply and others for approximately $80.

The Oak workmount it sits in was built by a friend (Thank you Don) and the assemblage sits atop a portable shooting bench I made with a piece of scrap plywood and a folding sawhorse.
Tom Anderson

Marty MacNaughton's Tricked Career


The Stock is a Figured quarter sawn black walnut blank purchased from Wrights gunstocks. The rear stock was roughed in by Dave G, the forearm is my design. It to sits atop of the work vise owned by Tom Anderson. The
picture was taken at Tom's place atop "Buzzard Bluff " in Arkansas.

The gun has my own fill port and trigger modifications. The gun does have the full Power Wheel mods, but is not regulated. It is set up to shoot the Beeman Crow Mag pellets. Scope is a Swift 669MTA 6-18x44mm in BKL reach
forward mounts. The butt pad is a Morgan adjustable with the cup shaped rubber pad. It currently sports 20 coats of Minwax Tung oil, and will receive at least 10 more coats as soon as I can bring myself to take itapart again.

Air Shotgun Actual size=180 pixels wide

Here is an interesting air gun. Would you believe a .28 cal shotgun? (Submitted by James from the Washington State, USA)


Mick H. shares this one, July, 2000, a farm near Bangor in north Wales, Daystate Sportsman Mk 2 with a Bushmaster 3-9 x 40 PA 'scope, the pellets were .22 RWS Superpoints. All the rabbits were taken at less than 35 yrds. Total 13 for the day



Portable Shooting Bench


I have a shooting range in my back yard, but occasionally I like to shoot elsewhere so some sort of portable bench became neccessary.
At the time I was working in an Ace hardware store and the day we received some folding sawhorses I knew my ruminations about how to build a portable bench were resolved.
I'll include a picture (poor quality) that should make a blow by blow building description unneccessary. In a nutshell, saw out a piece of plywood to the desired shape and secure it to the sawhorse from underneath with short sheetmetal screws. I used some scrap 3/4" treated plywood that was laying about and put a coat of sanding sealer on it just to keep it from absorbing water if caught in rain. It could use a brace from one corner of the top to a leg, but I haven't figured out how to do that and maintain the 'foldability' yet. If you come up with an answer, please post it as a supplement to this piece.
I use a 5 gal. plastic bucket to throw all the shooting 'stuff into, along with a cushion. When I set up, I take all the 'stuff' out of the bucket, upend it, put the cushion on it and I'm in business.
The whole 'shootong match' (pun intended) should cost less than $25.

Tom @ Buzzard Bluff

PS: Before someone asks, that's my 'Fuzzynator Mk.3 in the pic. It is built on a 2240. The Mk.1&2 were built on the Crosman 150 pistols which have a more tuneable trigger.