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Air Gun Tips from the Dollar Store
Dollar Store Targets / Holders


Dollar Store Targets / Holders
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On this page we'll present a list of our most helpful cheap target tips. I love the ideas I have received thus far, but I got faith in you that there are plenty more out there, so send them to me!

As dedicated airgunners, we are always on the lookout for good deals and useful items. Even in the lowly Dollar Store, you can find things to aid you in your lead flinging forays.
Look for thumbtacks, styrofoam plates, small tubes of rubber cement, bags of plastic army men, etc. The styrofoam plates make great surfaces to draw bullseyes on. They usually cut very clean when punched by a pellet, with no tearing... and--- they are waterproof! The meat trays from your grocer are the same. Rinse 'em off and go shootin'!
The thumbtacks are fine for holding up targets, and make good targets themselves once the target is shot up(unless you are like JJ and shoot at staples- heh heh).
The rubber cement can be used for scopes that like to slip in your rings-- just dab some on the scope or inside the ring, let it air dry a bit, then screw the ring top on. The cement comes right off with your fingers, if you ever want to swap scopes.
Submitted by Russ Best


Check your wife's closet for the department store hangers with the clips attached to the bottom. These make great holders for styrofoam plates and you can hang 'em form any tree limb.
Submitted by Ed B.

I hang metal objects with wire. When hit they make a distinctive noise and there is no need to check the target. This gives more time for beverages and bull****ting.

The wire is cheap and metal objects are free.
Submitted by the "Happy Gardener"

Those plastic clips used to keep your bag of potato chips closed are great for hanging paper targets. Color-coding stickers (round, 3/4 inch diameter) come in packs of 1000, they make great bullseyes.
Submitted by "Shane"

Take different lengths and diameters of metal tubing scrap, drill a hole near one end, tie on a piece of wire and hang up a whole series of them..... then make believe you are Mozart with an airgun-- Airgunners Chimes!
Submitted by Russ Best


Want a metal spinning target ?

Take an old stainless steel spoon, pound it flat with a hammer and anvil, bend the handle to form a loop, and use a piece of thick wire (like that used for dog runs) by bending and shaping it to hold the spoon. You may need to experiment with the length of the spoon handle for optimal spinning. Bending the wire in an M shape with the spoon in the middle will keep the spoon from sliding around on the wire.



"Sweets" as Cheap Targets

Just an idea I use for targets. Those small white
sweet mints (candy) you can get in the shops. Very
cheap and as they're made of hard sugar will shatter
when you hit them, even if you only 'clip' the edge!
Also the debris bio-degrades or gets eaten by
insects etc so there is no mess to clear up.

Remember they may be called "candy" in the USA but they
are "sweets" in the UK.
Good Luck,
Simon, UK


Tums & CD's (not for your indigestion)
Tums. They are cheap, colorful and the explode in a cloud of colored dust when hit. Also, If you ever get some damaged CDs (scratched, messed up burn, etc.) They are fun too. I have found that the ones with a silver data surface simply get holes an cracks in them, whereas the ones with a blue-green data surface actually disintegrate. It was amazing the first time I saw it. I shot at about 20 yards with my IZH-61 (.177, approx. 450-490 fps) and one quarter of the CD disappeared, to be replaced by a shower of plastic dust.




I will include any good tip you have on here for Dollar Store Type of ideas. Please send them my way. There is an email link on each page of this site.

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DISCLAIMER:All tips published on this site are the results of all the efforts and ingenuity of fellow air gunners from around the globe. I do not personally take credit for these tips. Nor do I suggest you follow advice of any "Tip" that you deem inappropiate. I accept no responsibility for their safety nor their effectiveness. USE THESE TIPS AT YOUR OWN RISK. (Isn't it a shame I have to type this in. But not eveyone is as nice and as you and I NOR AS SMART :)

The collection is nothing but a labour of love of mine to share with my air gun shooting fraternity tips I have gathered and published with permission of providers of tips. Thank you for all your submissions of these tips. I can not provide this service without your efforts. When you submit tips to me, please provide: NAME, AREA OF RESIDENCE (i.e. David Baker, Dayton,Ohio, USA)

Thank you greatly for your assistance!

David K. Baker

Air Gun Fun Webmaster