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Nugget...OUR Buddy!!


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Nuggs Grew Up So Fast..

As Did Our Love for Her

Her Favorite Early Fun!!

As it should be, Nuggs love to play with Sarah
and Sarah was always a willing playmate.


If you saw Nuggs, you saw Sarah. Every thing Nuggs did was a "special event" to Sarah of course. At times Sarah would say, "AAAAWWW Look at Nuggs!!" And of course, Nuggs would just be lying there just being herself, but that was special for Sarah.


As so often it goes,
Nuggs grew up too fast


Nuggs favorite toy was "sticks". We always had an abundance of them from the trees in our backyard so she made the most of them. She did something with them I have never seen another dog do. She would get them in her mouth and then rotate them somehow so they would be propped up on her side like a "kickstand." At times, she would do this with two of them and make it look as if she was propping herself up. She did this to her last day and brought many a laugh for us.


If you want a great family dog, I suggest you choose a Golden Retriever. In all her days, Nuggs never attempted to bite any child. In fact she would have probably helped criminals carry out the booty. BUT be ready to groom continually. The hair from Nuggs would have made all my family some great sweaters.