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Nugget...OUR Buddy!!
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If a person is blessed they will have one true friend in life. We most often think of this friend being a person and rightfully so. But in some cases, the friend turns out to be a fatihful canine companion. This was so in my case. Her name was Nugget, our Golden Retriever. (aka as Nuggs, Pumpkin Eater, and various endearing names).

This page is to serve as a memorial to Our Buddy, Nuggs!

January 23, 1992 - December 11, 2000


The Baker Family, Rhonda, Sarah and David would like to share our best buddy's life with you. We hope you get a glimmer of the joy that she brought to us

Nuggs came into my family's life as a gift to my younger daughter, Sarah. I remember the cold snowy night we went to pick her out. The litter consisted of 6 puppies left. Sarah sat down in the floor in the kitchen with puppies surrounding her. She was undecided as to which one to choose of course, so she asked me to help her pick one.

I advised her to let them all go away from her and see which one came back to her. Nuggs did and a friendship was born. From that day forward, Nuggs became a part of our family and an important part at that

All the pages on the site are graphic intensive. They take a while to load. Please be patient. I think you will be glad you waited.

The Baker's all hope that you see a little of the love Nuggs gave to us during her short stay with us. Be sure to check all the pages and have a few laughs and shed a few happy tears with us. There will be links to other Golden Retriever sites also.

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God Bless you!
David Baker, Nuggs' Dad

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