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Nugget...OUR Buddy!!


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A Special Word of Thanks...

As any pet owner knows, one of the most important aspects of their dogs, cats, gerbils, reptiles, or whatever, is a quality veterinarian. We were blessed to have found such a group of vets.

Nugget was seen all her life by the vets at Airway Animal Clinic. This group goes a step further to care for their patients then most do. Their compassion and true love of animals is apparent no matter how busy they are. They never rushed us, always took time to answer all our questions, and were always very thorough with their care towards Nugget.

During her final illness, Nuggs was seen by Dr. Maxis and Dr. Roth. They knew how hard it was for me to see her fail so quickly and showed such tender grace and mercy towards Nuggs and myself. When Dr. Maxis helped Nuggs over Rainbow Bridge, her compassion overflowed and her gentleness and caring was abundant. All the assistants, especially the lady that helped us that final day have been nothing short of truly professional and caring.

If you are looking for a good veterinarian, I highly recommend this group. I will never have any of my animals seen by any other vets.

I have posted their information below for you. It is an unsolicited act on my part. I feel if someone responds to this , I have done them and their pets a great service.

David K Baker

FAX (937) 426-8273
4092 Colonel Glenn Highway Hours

Dayton, Ohio 45431 Mon. -Fri 8- 12 and 2 - 7

Sat. 8 - 12


Ruby told me that Nuggs told her to be sure to go to Airway Animal Clinic. She said they give away